Boyd Santos


Amazing! I love his teachings. I would love to see new presets!


Jevgenija Kushch


I had a retouching lesson with Alexander. It was amazing!)
We discussed how to achieve beautiful natural skin in a photo while preserving texture and shadows. We talked about the original shots and camera settings. However, retouching in Photoshop was a mind-blowing experience for me. Thanks to Alexander, he saved me two years in learning)


Maneki NEKO


We had a great 1:1 seasion that was very detailed and precise. I really enjoyed how I could see the full process from lightroom to final photoshop image. Thank you for your time!


Rania Zainieh


ı am grateful for the opportunity to learn from Aleksandr ,as knowledgeable and inspiring teacher .I highly recommend him to anyone looking to enhance their photography skills and ignite their passion for the art form .


Darius Fernandes

Would def recommend the one on one session.
He is super helpful and even sent me a recording of the work we did which really really helped as I could refer to it when I was in doubt.
I also greatly appreciated the tips on shooting that he was not bound to be disclosing but he did nevertheless,
If you are worried about the commercials. trust me when I say the value you get from his session would be double if not more than the cost of the session, It might pinch at first if you come from a small town with a lower end clientele but it will really really help you in the long run!


G Rapoport

Excellent tutor- very educational - highly recommend - am looking forward to more sessions with Alexander


Richard S.

Having a 1 on 1 with Alexander was great! The portfolio review was priceless and pointed out some flaws in my work. Highly recommend


Sabina Mammadova

Alexandr is a wonderful teacher. I have learned a lot from his sessions. Working on PS become more clear after his explanation, tips and advice. I truly appreciate his patience and support.
Highly recommended professional and talented photographer.




Very interesting sessions where I was able to get more in depth retouching techniques … I liked it !


Vanden Palermo


The session was great. I learned many things about his techniques. Aside from the main things included in the package, he also gives side informations which is very useful thus making your payment far more worth it. Very recommended!




Wonderful tutor. The way Aleksandr teaches is patient, compelling and easy to understand. I use photoshop more and he opened a new horizon for me even with the same controls. More than editing, he gave valuable tips on why a certain edit, colour works, highly recommended.

Reviews. Photographer Aleksandr Kurennoi



It's honestly a great tutorial. If you want to learn new retouching techniques for your photos, I recommend it. great job brother Aleksandr!!! Greetings from Panama


Marco V


I was looking to learn something to get a extra feeling in my Photography and Aleksandr has the perfect one!

His lesson was so nice, he explain step by step and every detail. He got some troubles with his computer suddenly, but he fixed as soon as possible with no problems. He gives some advice if you need to do some steps or not and is always open to answer any doubts.

The way he manage the color is superb!

I fully recommend his lesson, if you want to learn a new way to give a nice feeling to your photos.

The most impressive thing about his style is that could be so many steps on the way editing the photo, but, at the same time is so simple and basic that make it fully hi-range and make your photos to look in a top style.

He give you a video link to rewatch the lesson many times as you want, so you don't miss any detail.

So much simplicity that I impressed about how this could make your work so fantastic.

Thank you so much Aleksandr


Mark P

This was a great learning experience. Aleksandr was friendly, extremely helpful and knowledgeable.




This course is totally worth it! Very thorough and nice explanations, easy to understand and to the point! I t was very helpful and informative for me and my goals. Highly recommend A+++!


Nikola Todorov


Aleksandr is one of the best photographers out there. In the individual retouch lesson he shows everything he knows with all small details. In more than 3 hours lessons you will learn a lot for taking photos and retouch, he will provide some awesome tips and tricks even experienced retoucher is not aware with. Recommended! Thank you Aleksandr!


Harry Sohal


Aleksandr did a damn good job explaining the process of his editing. I used lightroom for most of my edits but he’s changed my mind about photoshop. Simple, straightforward and easy to follow tutorials. Highly recommended!!


Jason Black


Aleksandr was so helpful and informative when teaching his process when it comes to photo-editing. He is professional, accessible and gives you all the tools and tips of his trade in a timely and simple manner. I’m glad I did Aleksandr’s program and my work with him was immensely valuable. I will continue to use the resources provided to me from him in my future photography.




Whether you are a novice or advanced at photography editing, everyone can find value in taking Alex’s tutorials. He shares a wealth of insight and tips that he has found successful in his own award-winning portfolio. I took the individual online retouch lesson and appreciated that Alex explained everything clearly and patiently answered all of my questions. I highly recommend taking Alex’s lessons, because he is sincerely passionate about photography and is committed to helping others develop and polish their own portfolio.


Kbs Studios


I had the individual online retouch lesson with Aleksandr. It was such an astonishing 3hrs lesson as he went through all of his editing techniques in detail. He even shared some shooting tips and tricks in order to get a better image on camera. He reviewed my portfolio thoroughly and gave me some important information on how to get better results in my upcoming shoots.
And after the lesson he sent me his Lightroom presets and photoshop actions as well.
Totally recommended.


Ana Paula Pereira


The course is amazing! It’s really clear and explanatory. It teaches lots of techniques (I didn’t know most of them). Great course indeed! Thanks!




Александр большое спасибо за такой полезнейший курс. Почерпнул для себя много нового и интересного! Открылось второе дыхание к фотографии. Всем рекомендую!!! Александр - мастер своего дела!




Занимался с Александром на индивидуальном занятии онлайн. Получил множество новых знаний, изучил интересные приемы обработки.




Решил поучиться у Александра и получил ожидаемое. Прокачался в обработке, всё понравилось. За что отдельное спасибо




very good work, after a long time I really think that I will buy a tutorial video :)



Спасибо огромное Александру за очень познавательный онлай урок , было очень много крутых фишек , которые не один из фотографов не говорил, я отдавала кучу бабок и только сейчас я поняла, что не зря , без чего либо лишнего, без всякой воды, всё прозрачно настолько, что даже для самого начинвющего фотографа будет очень даже понятно. Спасибо вам огромное за то , что вы есть 🥰🥰🥰




This is the first time that I have purchased presets. I have just started working with them but have already found many of them to be useful. As well, Aleksandr make the effort to translate the names of the presets from Russian to English for me. Overall, worth the money spent on them! Thanks again Aleksandr!




the video tutorial offered several techniques for editing, it was enjoyable to watch the transformation of in camera to the final edit. I think the price for the 2 hour tutorial is worth the cost. I would like to see more skin edits, retouch, and toning, and maybe include the actions for the frequency separation. Overall, a good tutorial. thank you.




Очень насыщенный курс по портретной ретуши! Рекомендую!




У Александра отличные уроки! Увидев его портреты, я была очарована их глубиной, объемом, светом! Теперь и я так смогу обрабатывать и ретушировать портреты, надо только много фотографировать и тренироваться в обработке! Спасибо огромное!


Ирина Лагунова


Все было очень подробно и без воды! Уже не терпится применить на практике новые знания. На некоторые вещи у меня будто открылись глаза и все сразу стало на свои места. Ни разу не пожалела, что приобрела обучение у вас!


Антон Мишаков






Александр, огромное спасибо за шикарный курс по обработке портретов! Это нечто! Очень все подробно и понятно объяснили)) научился многим инструментам , техники обработки и ретуши портрета) спасибо еще раз!))


Oliver Gibbs


Thanks so much Alex, the presets are awesome, and only had time to watch a bit of the tutorials, but very informative, thank you so much!!😊😊


Ilya Nevolov


The tutorial is great! Finally I found something new! I did everything different with my photos. So I hope with new shots I'll use a new retouch methods! Thank you!